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Welcome Friends to Sylvania Quilting!

We are here to provide you with affordable and professional quality machine quilting and custom made-to-order quilts. 

As a small business, we are dedicated to serving the Sylvania, Toledo, and surrounding communities. 

Therefore, we do not accept any mail orders. 


Please also know that each quilt is custom made to order by our owner.  So there may be a several month wait. 

It is our goal that each quilt be made and so carefully crafted that it will last for generations.


T-Shirt Quilt Pricing


Our t-shirt quilts are generally made with 16 inch squares.  This allows the entire logo to be included in the block - nothing has to be cut off to fit.  For the smaller shirts, we add other shirts around them to make them 16".  

Of course, you can always choose to make your quilt with 14" squares.   We don't recommend doing smaller than 14" squares because the logo almost always gets cut off.  If you have too many shirts, you could consider combining two shirts into one block.


You have 2 different styles of quilts to choose from:

(both of these are included in the base price) 


With Sashing Without Sashing
Sashing are the 2 inch colored strip of fabric that are sewn in between each t-shirt quilt square.  There is also a 2 inch border all the way around the quilt. There is no sashing between squares and a 5 inch border all the way around the quilt.  This gives the quilt a more "patchwork" look.

Sylvania Southview Band T-Shirt Quilt

(3x4 or 12 squares)


University of Toledo community t-shirt quilt

(3x3 or 9 squares)



Base Pricing for a T-shirt Quilt:

We have found that nearly every t-shirt can be finished at 16" square.  This ensures that the entire logo is captured on the square.  Even when there is a child's shirt to use, we add fabric around it to bring it up to at 16" square.


Square Size Price per Square 3x4 3x5 4x5 5x6
Total # squares in quilt 12 15 20 30
16" squares $  22 each $ 264 $ 330 $ 440 $ 660
  finished size of quilt 56x74" 56x92" 74x92" 92x110"

Our most popular size.  It is a

couch or throw size. Will also fit top of twin bed

extra long twin size for college dorm bed will fit a full size/double bed with a 10" drop

queen size/

small king

(for standard bed sizes, click here)


What is included in the base price of your quilt:


Item Price
complimentary first consultation included
your choice of layout - with 2 inch sashing all the way around or no sashing with a 5" border. included
to choose from over 50-100 different allover pantograph quilting designs included
to choose which color thread for your quilt included
to choose which fabric and color you want for your sashing, backing and binding included
100% Warm and Natural high quality cotton batting included
durable machine binding included
sneak peek of your quilt via email after it is on the frame included



Add-ons for optional customization of your quilt:


Item Price

to do any additional work to a shirt to make it into a 16" square, such as:

-  your shirt isn't big enough, so we have to add additional borders to make it 16";

- you want 2 or 3 shirts combined into 1 square

- you want to add a different colored fabric border to the shirt to make it fit into the quilt.

$ 10 per square
to embroider a name or year into one square (up to 6 letters, 1 inch tall) $ 10 per square
custom computer graphic quilt label $ 10
rush charge $ 50
Custom pillow cases to match your t-shirt quilt

$ 15 per pillowcase for standard,

$17 for Queen, $ 19 for King.

Prices above do not include sales tax.   Sales tax will be charged at the time of the final payment.  



How to Order:


Please call or email us, using the information at the bottom of this page, or from the contact page.  We will answer any questions you might have about your t-shirts and our finished product.  We require a 50% deposit upon receipt of your t-shirts and before any work will begin. 



Be sure to read the "How to get my t-shirts ready for a t-shirt quilt" tips before our consultation.

(all prices good through 31 December 2017)


(Please see our disclaimer page for limitations and warranties)