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Welcome Friends to Sylvania Quilting!

We are here to provide you with affordable and professional quality machine quilting and custom made-to-order quilts. 

As a small business, we are dedicated to serving the Sylvania, Toledo, and surrounding communities. 

Therefore, we do not accept any mail orders. 


Please also know that each quilt is custom made to order by our owner.  So there may be a several month wait. 

It is our goal that each quilt be made and so carefully crafted that it will last for generations.

What is a T-shirt Quilt?

T-shirt quilts are a great way to recycle your much loved T-shirts into something meaningful, fun & useful.  Most of us save our old T-shirts.  You may have been collecting them from high school, college, church groups, hobbies, sports, conventions, vacations... the list goes on and on.  Now you can do something with them.  These quilts are great as graduation, Christmas, birthday, wedding, retirement or friendship gifts.  Also great for the person who has everything and you donít know what gift to give them.

Another bonus of turning a t-shirt into a quilt - many shirts are well-loved and well used - almost to the point of having holes in them.  When we get a t-shirt ready to put into a quilt, we put a light layer of fusible interfacing on the back of the shirt.  This not only stabilizes the fabric so that the square stays square in the quilt, but it also lengthens the life of the shirt itself.

We can help you to transform a drawer or box of T-shirts into a special keepsake

that is attractive and functional for a lifetime!

Sylvania Southview Band T-Shirt Quilt (12 squares)


Examples of some T-shirts quilts: 

  •  High school or college sport quilt;

  • Graduation quilt (shirts from all aspects of a personís interests and life);

  • Hobby quilt (shirts from attending conventions or events);

  • Harley-Davidson quilt (shirts from different Harley Davidson stores);

  • Sports quilt (shirts from a personís sportóbaseball, football, etc);

  • Memorial quilts (quilt made from a loved oneís old T-shirts);

  • Friendship quilts (members of a guild or friendship group each quilt or embroider a block to present to a friend);

  • Vacation quilts (remember the places youíve gone to);


Our T-shirt quilts are a better value for our clients.   How are we different?

  • We can do up to a full 16 inch square - this allows the entire logo to be on your quilt, not just a portion of it.

  • You receive a free in-person consultation regarding your T-shirts and quilt;

  • All our T-shirts are stabilized with an extremely lightweight stabilizer.  This makes the quilts more durable and hold up better for washing;

  • Our quilts are completely quilted - not just tied in the corners;

  • We offer the option of doing a custom design within each square, instead of an allover quilting design. This allows us to offer different thread colors to match each T-shirt color.  Sometimes this is preferable to an allover design (which is included in the base price).  We'll help you decide which choice is better for your quilt at the complimentary intial consultation;

  • You get to pick your own quilting design, from a choice of over 50 allover pantograph quilting designs;

  • No upcharge for variegated thread;

  • We are a local Toledo area company.  So when we consult with you about your t-shirt quilt in person, you know who you are dealing with.  You don't have to worry about sending your t-shirts off to some internet website and wonder if you'll ever see them or your money again.


How to get my T-shirts ready for a t-shirt quilt: 

  • Wash all T-shirts before bringing them.  Do NOT use fabric softener or dryer sheets.

  • Look at the color and designs of your T-shirts.  Put together a color pleasing assortment of shirts.  If you're not sure what would look well, bring them all!

  • Donít forget to look at the back side of the t-shirt.  Many shirts often have 2 printed designs.

  • We can quilt many different fabrics that are in t-shirts - Shiny, plastic-y logos, netting, sweatshirts, fleece.


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(Please see our disclaimer page for limitations and warranties)