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Welcome to my studio!


My studio is located in the dry basement of our house. Working out of my home allows me to be available for my kids and family and still do what I love to do!   A few notes about my studio:  It is completely dry.  The basement is way above street level - we are on a hill.  So there is no musty odor or dampness.  I am meticulous about keeping the humidity at 50% and the temperature between 65 and 70 year-round.  We have no cats or dogs - so no pet hair in your quilts!  We also are a smoke free home.  Another thing I'm a little fanatical about is not having spiders or cobwebs in my studio.  In fact, my husband caught me vacuuming the walls yesterday.  A little excessive perhaps, but I really hate spiders.


Here's some different areas of my studio:

Welcome to my studio!

This is where I keep most of my supplies  


This is my storage area for quilts that are waiting to be quilted or worked on.  Every quilt gets its own bin and every work order goes into a bin.  You can be assured that your quilt or t-shirts will not be mixed up with another order.  


This is my cutting and ironing areas.  


This is my area for all my beautiful thread.  I use only the best thread - King Tut for the top thread and Bottom Line for the bobbin thread.   We spend so much time and money into the quilt tops - why would you skimp on a few dollars worth of thread!  


My beautiful longarm quilting machine.



My Machine - a Tin Lizzie Ansley 26

My industrial quilting machine is a Tin Lizzie Ansley 26.  She's a beautiful machine and quilts wonderfully.  In fact, I've named her "Mae, for my quilting Grandmother, who would have been so thrilled to know that I'm quilting, had she still been with us.

I purchased her from Steve & Rosemary Dekker at Dekk't Out Quilting Supply.  They are wonderful people.  They have given me nothing but the best service and I would recommend them to anyone who would want to purchase a long arm quilting machine.  Here's a link to their site:  http://www.dekktoutquiltingsupply.com/